Solid Perfume

A solid perfume is a cream type perfume that you can apply with your finger. You can use it without wasting it by spraying into the air.It is a softly-scented perfume and a popular item among the Maiko-ladies in Kyoto.
We recommend shea butters as well as solid perfumes. Shea butters protect dry skin and give relaxing Japanese scent at the same time. You can directly apply the shea butter on your face including lips cheeks, etc. and other dry areas to bring back moisture. Solid perfume and shea butter are very stylish and in beautiful small bottles. Various types of fragrance are available.

Solid Perfume

5 fragrances: cherry blossom, clear stream, Yuzu orange, fruit, snow

Solid Perfume of Water

5 fragrances: suikin (water harp), water dew, Milky Way, purple clouds, robe of feathers. Mature scent with the image of soothing and healing.

Sheer Butter

5 fragrances: cherry blossom, yuzu orange, camellia, wisteria and white rose.

Each fragrance gives wonderful scent. Our perfumes are available at a reasonable price. So select some perfumes and enjoy different scents♪
Perfect for a gift!!