Japanese kanzashi (hair accessories)
--- Japanese traditional hair accessories “kanzashi”

Do you want to take a Japanese hair accessory in your everyday fashion? We carry Japanese-style hair accessories that are very appealing with soothingness and loveliness. A woman who roughly binds her long hair together and walks breezily looks very beautiful, doesn’t she? At Karakudo, we have a new lineup of items for each season including beautiful Japanese kanzashi (hair accessories) that match to both kimono and clothes, swinging and shiny hair accessories, etc. Our Japanese hair accessories will make you hair style elegant and gorgeous♪

Set of kanzashi and comb A set of traditional Japanese kanzashi. A classic round and flat kanzashi is elegant, retro and stylish with atmosphere of Gion of Kyoto. The matching comb is another traditional Japanese kanzashi that increases luxuriousness and gorgeousness by sticking into the updo. It is not an exaggeration to say that the comb is the best hair accessory. Enjoy our hair accessories with Japanese-style hairdos or updos. Nowadays it is very difficult to find a set of flat kanzashi and comb with matching designs. Besides, the one with beautiful design and color (red-colored kanzashi with cherry blossom design) is very rare!! We believe you will enjoy the set very much. Of course, the flat kanzashi and comb can be enjoyed separately. Stick the kanzashi or comb into your updo, and it will make your hair style very nice and stylish.♪ It will look great with black hair. The item will be in a gorgeous gold case, so it will be a perfect gift.
Japanese kanzashi with pearls A traditional Japanese kanzashi. A gorgeously-made kanzashi with shiny pure white pearls. It has lovely and beautiful designs of cherry blossoms and thread balls drawn on the kanzashi. Also, the use of gold adds an accent. It has a well-matched design of classic thread balls and warmth of cherry blossoms. A cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan and very popular throughout the year! The kanzashi is a valuable item that is very gorgeous with warmth. It is an elegant kanzashi which each piece is carefully made. Its elegant beauty is very appealing. It brings the full atmosphere of matureness and graciousness.
Cherry blossom kanzashi A lovely and beautiful kanzashi in the shape of a cherry blossom. Its simple design of a cherry blossom with a black coated stick makes the kanzashi very stylish. The cherry blossom part is made with coated Japanese fabrics. Each kanzashi has a different design, so there is no same kanzashi. Each can be the unique kanzashi. You can enjoy the kanzashi as a casual hair accessory or wear with a yukata (Japanese summer kimono) or other♪