Company Profile

2002 Heisei14 Established the specialty store for Japanese goods, Karakudo.'
2002 Heisei14 Became a partner of SANKEI LIVING SHIMBUN Inc.
2003 Heisei15 Referred to by ASCII Corporation as a popular online shop.
2004 Heisei16 Referred to by TV Asahi in its program “Yajiuma Plus.”
2005 Heisei17 Referred to by Nihon Keizai Shimbun in “Best e-shopping” section in its Saturday version “NIKKEI Plus One.”
2006 Heisei18 Referred to by FM Setagaya and FM Ishikawa in their programs.
2007 Heisei19 Referred to the special cherry blossom products of Karakudo by Fuji TV in its program “Mezanew ~.“
2009 Heisei21 Referred to the cherry blossom products of Karakudo in a feature article of cherry blossoms in “SANKEI EXPRESS” issued by the Sankei Shimbun.
2010 Heisei22 Arranged a tie-up with the movie “Toki wo Kakeru Shojo” (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time).
2010 Heisei22 Currently, Karakudo carries 700 kinds of Japanese goods. Karakudo ranked the No. 1 store for Japanese goods in a search site.
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